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Scringnokit pocket door system


Kits complete with Jambs for platerboard walls

1. Assembly

Scrignokit has 7 pieces and is easily assembled. By cutting away the pre marked excess parts you get all the other sizes:track, PVC profiles on sides and wood spacer.

Available door sizes

626-826 (metric sizes) permits making three sizes for 626,726,826mm single doors

610-762 (imperial sizes) permits making three sizes for 610,686,762mm single doors

926-1026 (metric sizes) permits making two sizes for 926,1026mm single doors

838-914 (imperial sizes) permits making two sizes for 838,914mm single door


fast intuitive assembly for perfect installation

Packaging is reduced to a minimum (2260x190x130mm) easy to transport

easy to install on 125mm plasterboard wall

Door weight

max weight 120kg door thickness 35-44mm

£262.90 Plus vat

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Product Variants Table
SKUPriceDoor HeightDoor Size  Quantity  
43781 262.90 2040mm 626mm-826mm Get Quote Add
43782 262.90 2040mm 926mm1026mm Get Quote Add
43783 262.90 1981mm 610mm-762mm Get Quote Add
43784 262.90 1981mm 838mm-914mm Get Quote Add